i discovered ecuador

It’s already been two months since I got back from this wonderful little country called Ecuador, so of course I was excited to see this pop up in the news recently.

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you can still probably tell that the Ecuadorian Tourism Ministry just launched a new campaign to promote Ecuador and bring more foreigners to visit there. There are these cool video billboards in Times Square that list different awesome things to discover in Ecuador. Here are a few of them:

I discovered a hummingbird the size of a bee in Ecuador — Hmmm, can’t say I saw any of those, but I’m sure they were there!

I discovered 4,500 different butterflies in Ecuador — Check. The beautiful little town of Mindo has a butterfly farm!

I discovered 14 different Amazonian trees in Ecuador — Check. Our school trip to the biodiversity station in Tiputini gave me the chance to see probably about 159,348,058 different Amazonian trees!

Amazonian rainforest

Now those are some Amazonian trees.

I discovered mountain biking down volcanoes in Ecuador — Check (kind of). I might not have biked down a volcano, but I did hike down a volcano, ride a horse down a volcano, and ride a chiva (an open-air party bus) down a volcano. So, that counts.

I discovered 15km of wild surf on one beach in Ecuador — Double check. I spent Carnaval in a beach town called Montañita, which is one of the best spots to surf in Ecuador. And then, one of my favorite places in Ecuador, and where I learned to surf, a little town called Canoa. Plenty of wild surf there.

Surf in Canoa

See that surf in Canoa? And the view's not too shabby either.

I discovered an avenue of volcanoes in Ecuador — I saw quite a few volcanoes while in Ecuador. There was Cotopaxi, the highest peak in Ecuador, which I never actually climbed but drove by a few times. There was Tungurahua, a volcano in the town of Baños that was actually erupting when I took my sister there in May. And finally, Sierra Negra, a huge volcano on the Galápagos Island of Isabela that is 6 miles long and 5 miles wide and hasn’t erupted in 6 years.

Volcan Sierra Negra

Volcán Sierra Negra in the Galápagos

And finally, my personal favorite: I discovered beach parties until dawn in Ecuador — Check, a thousand times check. You can’t go to a beach town in Ecuador and not find a party going on until dawn, usually at a tiki bar out on the sand or, as in Canoa, at a dance club right below your hostel.


This guy didn't last until dawn. That's what'll happen to you during Carnaval in Montañita


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