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Most of the things you hear in the news about Mexico are either about 1. their soccer team, or 2. the violence. The first time I traveled there was in 2006, and since then, I feel like I’ve been a Mexican at heart; my friend who lives in Monterrey even calls me a “honorary Mexican.” The violence in Mexico is something I’ve always denied to friends and family, maybe so that they wouldn’t be nervous all of the 11 times that I’ve been. But to be honest, violence is a reality in Mexico. It’s not something I’ve experience there, but it’s something that exists and that affects thousands of Mexicans on a daily basis.

In a Ted Talk from this month, Emiliano Salinas, son of former president Carlos Salinas, suggests that the situation in Mexico is not something to be denied. It exists, so let’s face it in a peaceful manner, he says. Although it’s directed at people living in Mexico, I think Salinas has a lot to say to everyone that has an opinion (or not) about the violence there. And, it was the first talk posted on Ted in a language other than English! Go Spanish!

“Mahatma Gandhi, uno de los más grandes luchadores civiles de la historia, dijo: “Debes ser el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo”. En México hoy se buscan Gandhis. Necesitamos Gandhis. Necesitamos hombres y mujeres que amen a México y estén dispuestos a tomar acción.”

“Mahatma Gandi, one of the greatest civil fighters of all time, said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Today in Mexico, we are asking for Gandhis. We need Gandhis. We need men and women who love Mexico and who are willing to take action.”


The switch…

And I’m now on WordPress! I decided to make the move here from Blogger because, while I have appreciated my blog there for the past 2 or so years, and I will always love having it as a vault of the memories I’ve had traveling, I want a new start for my senior year of college. And WP seems to be on the move now as a better web tool than Joomla, which is what I currently use for my website. But I’m working on switching everything from that over too, so that everything is condensed here!

So, to check out some of my recent travels to Mexico and my semester spent in Ecuador, as well as few random posts thrown in, check out

This blog will be a mix of some things I’m passionate about — Latin America, food, photography, music, and Spanish. So stay tuned!